Justin Heath

Musician, Guitarist, and Educator

Specializing in Classical guitar, Tango, Jazz, Bluegrass and Latin music, Justin is known in the DC area as a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, educator, and band leader.


The Toccata Players:

In 2017 Justin Founded the Toccata Players to explore an interest in Argentine tango and other eclectic styles in a chamber music setting. With inspirations ranging from Astor Piazzolla to Radiohead the Toccata Players bring a bit of fun and excitement to chamber music.

Cherry Blossom Special:

In the summer of 2021 Justin joined forces with Nick Cameron to found the bluegrass band Cherry Blossom Special. The band has grown to a full force of 6 members including Cello, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, and Upright Bass. Drawing on influences from the founders of bluegrass to the more modern and progressive players Cherry Blossom Special has a sound that bridges the old and the new.

Custom Events Ensembles

In addition to public concerts and events, Justin and his bands are available for hire for private events such as weddings, garden parties, funerals and more. Custom ensembles and repertoire can be arranged to meet your need. If you want inquire about hiring Justin, one of his bands, or a custom ensemble please fill out the Contact Form and we will be in touch.


Justin has been teaching in the DC area since 2012 and now has weekly students logging in virtually from across the US. He is available for individual and group lessons, both online and in person. Reach out by Email: jheathmusic@gmail.com

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In addition to his work on the guitar, Justin is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in fretted sting instruments including 5-string and Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele. Check out Justin’s Blog, BanjoNotebook.com for tunes and lessons on various topics

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